Fifth Wheel Connection and Trailer Undercarriage Illumination

Introducing the Pinjaw Lite

pinjaw lite

About Pinjaw Lite

Our Pinjaw Lite idea is a new innovative product that works in compliance with safety in the transporation industry.

We are able to supply a simple product and solution for a safe guard in the everyday use of tractor and trailer combinations.

All weather commercial grade, strong and durable (flood style) work light.

"The light works great. Bright illumination. Good for safety."

- John Wiebe : Genuine Transportation Inc.

The Specifications

The Pinjaw Lite uses only the finest components which in turn creates the finest product for your daily use.

What You Get Out of the Box

pinjaw lites

Option #1

Full kit $698.00 Canadian + tax and shipping

A front Pinjaw Lite for connection illumination, plus a two light set up to include the middle and rear areas.

  • With timer delay relay
  • All accessories included for installation
  • For retro-fitting
  • For new trailer manufacturer installations
  • Custom fitting
  • Based on a 53' dry van
  • Components are pre-assembled to connect together for installation
  • Handy for mechanical repairs
pinjaw lites

Option #2

$545.00 Canadian + tax and shipping

Toggle Switch Powerup.

Instead of an automatic 10-minute time delay relay, an all-weather toggle (on/off switch) can be assembled in the wiring to turn the Pinjaw Lites on and off manually. The illumination is the same. The operator can turn the lights on and off at any time. This hookup is also handy for mechanical repairs in low light situations.

** Remember to turn off the Pinjaw Lite before driving**

pinjaw lites

Option #3

$265.00 Canadian + tax and shipping

One front Pinjaw Lite for connection illumination with an all-weather toggle (on/off switch)

The simplest use and set up. A front King Pin – Fifth Wheel Jaws connection Pinjaw Lite, with an all-weather toggle switch.

Other custom Pinjaw Lite fitting and pricing available.

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